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If you are in to mountaineering, that is technically capable climbing, and is looking for newer pastures you could go Kenya mountain climbing trips. Kenya among many other tourism options also offers mountain climbing as it has the majestic Mt. Kenya standing at 5,199 meters or 17,057 feet in elevation. Unlike other mountains Mt Kenya is relatively easy to climb to some extent as it will involve scaling three summits namely Point Lenana, Batian and Nelion. Point Lenana is easy to climb and most people make it as it has difficulties at intermediate level trekking and at the same time subjecting you to highly technical rock climbing. However it is advised you take a mountaineer guide if you are a newcomer to the sport but would give a try at your Kenya visit.

Another chance you have is the Mt Kilimanjaro which is taller than Mt Kenya and even has peaks covered with snow. It has varied geographical makeup and forms and it is the tallest peak in Africa standing at 5,895 meters above sea level. It is a freestanding mountain and the highest in the world of its kind. It is made up of a dormant volcano and has three volcano cones namely Kibo, Shira and Mawenzi. It is advised not to attempt climbing alone or without expert help and you will find many mountaineering guides in Tanzania before you plan to climb. But it will be an extremely different proposition and an experience you will not easily forget if you have not climbed before.

If you are on Kenya tour already you can also plan to visit some of the exotic farms run by the locals as well as foreign investors. Numerous farms growing and rearing native crops using the conventional farming methods, coffee and tea plantation can be found here. You will also find farms that foster wildlife like giraffe, zebra etc and farms that breed snakes. Other famous farms include dairy and cheese processing farms and farms that grow fruits and vegetables. Check with your tour operator for Farm tours Kenya and they will find you a slot within your Kenya tour program. For top Kenya and Tanzania travels and African safaris contact Ashford Tours, Nairobi.

Make sure to Include Masai Mara in your Kenya and Tanzania Safaris

Africa is a diverse geographical continent comprising of savannah belts, dense forests, snow clad mountains, sunny beaches and large number of national parks housing an dazzling array of wild animals that are not seen in other parts of the world. Undertaking Kenya and Tanzania safaris will allow you to enjoy the various natural wealth of the continent especially the Masai Mara Safari known for its Great Migration and the Masai Tribe. The Masai Mara reserve extends into the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania where the exodus of millions of wildebeest begins. It is a sight to behold, the migration, with Wildebeest, zebra, topi, and Thomson’s gazelle migrating to the neighboring Masai Mara, stalked by hordes of African lions, cheetah, leopard, crocs and Hyena. The Migration takes place during the months of July-October every year and millions converge into the reserves to witness the spectacular scene.

Visit Largest wildlife reserve in Africa

You can visit Masai Mara or witness the Great Migration from both the ground and in the air. You can hire a aircraft with others and flyover the migration trail which would be a great wildlife sighting experience. You could also hire Jeep or SUVs, and elephant back. Masai Mara has all the 5 members of the big cat clan, namely lion, elephant, black and white rhinos, Cape buffalo and leopards. The Masai Mara holds the most animal reserves and is not affected by translocation or poaching and the place to visit when you are on an African Safari Holiday. Tanzania is the extension of your African safari holidays as it is the country where the Serengeti begins and trigger the exodus to Kenya, when the water holes start drying. You can combine the Tanzania safari tours with the Great Migration and a trekking safari to Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro located in in Kenya and Tanzania respectively.

Witness unprecedented number of wildlife species

Your Tanzanian tour is incomplete without the Great Migration, the most impressive wildlife translocation in the world and the biggest. In the Migration a great number of wildlife species take part and they would include 1, 300,000 wildebeest, 200,000 zebras, 500,000 Thomson Gazelles, 18,000 elands and 97,000 Topi. That is some numbers and you should not miss it for anything in the world. Make sure to include the program in your travel schedule and your tour operator will arrange everything from airport pickup, hotel accommodation, safari trips and the transport of your choice. You will also find some 470 bird species in the park and a stupendous number of 60 species of raptors.

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